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Welcome to all souls.
As a medium & channel, it is my intention to assist through messages, natural products & energy work for your growth & health.
Higher understanding can be reached through self-awareness & empowerment as you self-heal in all levels of your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual selves.
All natural therapies & handmade products to assist us in our journey. Spirit art and therapies as well.
Most of all, it is the eternal bonds and depth of love that I am honored to share. Please reach out if I can be of service.
Much love and health. ~ Cat

⚜️  Spirit Art  ⚜️

A new gift emerging and I AM absolutely loving it!

Let’s explore Energy & Spirit Art!

‘The Art of Spirit’ is designed to expand and strengthen our energy and to help us step into our power.

Beginning with a short meditation to set our collective intentions and tune in to our higher knowing.

This is a relaxed group atmosphere with the intention to connect through joy, sharing & creation.

Get comfy & bring whatever medium you’d like: canvas, sketchpads, paints, markers, crayons…

 All levels of spiritual or artistic development welcome.  

Donations are welcomed and appreciated, though not necessary.

In person groups forming for warmer weather.

I hope to see you there!


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