Private Sessions

💠  Special Offer Readings    ~     Via Zoom (FaceTime if needed)

Psychic and/or Mediumship, bringing through whatever information Spirit feels most prominent for you during our time together. I always allow myself to be guided for a card pull or anything else Spirit directs.

Special offer until further notice and offered in person or through Zoom.

45 mins, $60

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💠  Card Readings  ~  Via Zoom, or by phone or email

My signature layout providing guidance from the highest realms, wisdom from the earthly vibrations and how it plays out in our physical world.

Special offer until further notice and offered in personal or through Zoom.

30 mins, $40

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💠    Intuitive Healing Session

These intensive sessions are divinely guided and channeled through me for your specific needs.

Each session is custom and unique; designed to heal and enlighten with the set intention of the highest vibration for the highest healing of all involved.

Incorporating Usui Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, sound vibrations, my signature organic herbal oils, crystal vibrational healing, messages from divine, guides and loved ones.

This session addresses imprints within the four bodies of our human energy field:  The physical, mental, emotional & spiritual, transcending time, space & dimension.

💫  Truly a wonderful experience leading to movement and growth!

$150 per session, by appointment only.

Please schedule Intuitive Healing here.

Or prepay 3 Intuitive Healing Sessions for a total of $400 (savings of $50)  here


💠     Personal Soul Grid Session

Divinely guided Full Intuitive Healing Session (as described above), coupled with the creation of your own wooden Soul Grid

Addressing your soul’s needs in a custom and unique session.  Every person, every visit, uniquely it’s own, designed by your guides and masters for your highest personal growth.  

Following our private session & discussion, I will channel and create your own personal healing grid, which is yours to keep and work with forever.  

Upon completion & pick up, we will discuss your grid, and the significance of what came through.  

For use with energy and/or crystals to amplify your intentions.

$300 per session, by appointment only. 

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⚜️  New!!    Let your light shine!

Put your best face forward with these two new and unique sessions.
Choose from Anti-Aging/De-Stress or Activation/Release
30 mins     $ 44

          💠     Anti-Aging/De-Stress for Face          Delightfully Refreshing!

Through the movement of energy and essences of nature, utilizing the ancient knowledge of Ayurvedic Marma point massage and the Kansa wand coupled with my organic oil formulas specific to relaxation, gentle       purification and uplift.
Concluding with the application of my signature Anti-Aging blend.

Please schedule Anti-Aging/De-Stress for Face here.

          💠     Activation/Release for Face          Rejuvenating & Liberating!

Centered in the intention of gentle release, this session is designed for clearing of stagnant energy from the face, head and neck utilizing lymphatic drainage massage along with my signature Release oil.
Topped off with activation and anchoring of the third eye, through the use of crystals and energy to enhance your visions and dreams.

Please schedule Activation/Release for Face here.


💠  Home or business blessings ~ In your location.  Price varies by location and size of space.