Who Am I?

I Am a heart centered healer, creative artist and channel.  A proud Mom.


I believe that God, Spirit and the Natural and Universal order of things communicate with each of us daily to assist us in our lives. To help us experience that which we came here for;

In realizing our passions; Assisting us in overcoming our challenges and Aligning us with our highest good.


I Am a Master Instructor of both Usui Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy and a lifetime student of energy, dream interpretation and card readings, along with many modalities of metaphysics and universal wisdom, and through connections to our higher selves, loved ones and guides.


Integrity and self work are of utmost importance to me.  This work has been foundational in my processing and acceptance of many things, most importantly through the loss of loved ones including my oldest son and husband.  The ongoing gift of communication and connection have been simply irreplaceable.  💞


I find ultimate balance in connecting Heaven and Earth and love to assist others in finding their own answers by helping to clarify the guidance coming through and with clearing and revitalizing energy work and creative practices.


I enjoy being creative in any way that I can, most especially in utilizing the healing power of natural elements and more powerfully by working in sync with nature’s seasons and cycles.  I work with crystals, grids and create herbal and crystal products, along with many handmade tools for your spiritual toolbox. I look forward to many more years of learning and creating and in assisting others in finding their health, loves and connections.


I would be honored to help you find your passion and your balance, bring you gifts of healing and peace, and messages from your guides and loved ones.


~ Cat M, aka:  Moonlit Kitty & Moonlit Spirit Healing

Master Teacher of Usui Reiki;

  • Trained by Spirit Counsel-Reiki (Benjamin Craig)
  • beginning Jan., 2013, culminating Master Teacher status April, 2014
  • Master Teacher intensive course once again through direct Usui Lineage under Anna Miranda, Feb. 2017

Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET);

  • Trained by The Science of Intuition & Self Discovery (Anna Miranda)
    levels: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced beginning Feb. 2013 through May 2013
  • & by: Maria Kramer, IET Master Instructor Trainer
    level: Master Instructor, Nov. 2013
  • All certifications through the Center of Being ©

Additional Certifications:

  • the Healing Angels of the Energy Field by Rosanne Pawluk, April 2013, the Center of Being ©
  • the 12 Steps to Transformation, November 9, 2013, the Center of Being ©
  • IET for Children, November 9, 2013, the Center of Being ©
  • IET for Pets, November 9, 2013, the Center of Being ©
  • Assertiveness for Earth Angels, 2014 © Doreen Virtue
  • Crystals for Healers course,2015  with Aurora Luna
  • Doreen Virtue’s course ‘Fairyologist’ ©, 2016
  • Journey Through the Signs, 2016 with Kaypacha of New Paradigm Astrology
  • Basic Astrology 101, 2016 with Kaypacha of New Paradigm Astrology
  • the Art of Connection course, 2019 with Roger Hanson
  • Drawing With the Right Side of the Brain course, 2019 ©️ with Betty Edwards
  • TAP4, Trance & Associated Phenomenon,1 yr course, 2021/2022 ©️ Tony Stockwell 
  • Master Class to Expand Private Readings, March 2022 ©️ Tony Stockwell
  • Platform Mediumship, June 2022 ©️ Tony Stockwell
  • Demonstrating Mediumship, Summer School August 2022 ©️ Tony Stockwell
  • Private Mentorship 1 yr course beginning October 2022 with ©️ Tony Stockwell

& though no certifications were received, I must acknowledge in gratitude and love, the 10 + years of support & learning under the tutelage of my dear friend and mentor, Janet Sharp.  Thanks so much.  I love you.  🙏🏻💜🕊

Earth student (and many courses) in:

  • Dream Interpretation   
  • Spirit Encounters
  • Channeling, Mediumship, Trance
  • Tarot & Oracle Card Readings
  • Energy, Quantum Domain & Metaphysics
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Aura
  • Crystals
  • Making Herbal Products
  • Visual and Spirit Art

Schooled also at:

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), in design, dressmaking, tailoring, 1994- 1995 with hands on experience for 3 + years running a design studio.  1994-1997