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Welcome to my little world of creations and Tools for your Spiritual Toolbox.

All products shown are handcrafted by me (unless specified otherwise), using the best materials and natural, organic ingredients I can find.

All items are made with healing as the ultimate focus, through vibration and intention.

Please click on any picture for individual details.  Availability of items will change often.

Apologies as well!  Many items made and sold before I am able to update my site.  

Please inquire if you see something you like or are seeking something you don’t see.  Thank you!


Crystals     Made by God

Rough and Tumbled, Various Sizes


Crystal Grids, God Boxes & Templates     Wood planks adorned with either fully channeled grids for healing, or templates to get you started.  You then add to it and color to your hearts desire!



All made with authentic crystals, sterling silver, bare copper or stainless steel wiring, hooks and other noted materials.

Earrings go quickly.  More coming soon 💜

Elixirs, Infusions and Oils     For your skin and hair, personal and home products.  Organic and pure ingredients.  Handmade with love.  Enhanced with the vibration of crystals.


Fabric Creations     Apparel, pouches, bags, wraps, alter covers, layouts for card readings…




Keychains and Tassels  

Bring the healing qualities of our beautiful crystal friends in while brightening up your space.  


  • Rear view mirror
  • Fan pull chain extension
  • Curtain tie back


Pendants     Wire wrapped crystals, polished shapes, nuggets & chips… endless possibilities!  You choose the color braided floss or the black choker style with lobster clasp closure.


Prayer Beads     Traditional Tibetan Mala and Catholic Rosary