From Laura G.: I recently had a reading by Cat. She is a very caring, intelligent and compassionate person. Her reading provided me with highly intuitive insight. She was spot on with all the information that came from spirit during the reading. Cat made me feel very comfortable and her healing space was warm and relaxing. She is very gifted and insightful. I would highly recommend her as a healer and for a reading. Thank you Cat for sharing your gifts and for helping me on my journey. Your professionalism and knowledge was amazing.

From Leslie D.: Had a great reading with Cat, this week. She hit the mark and validated so many things I had been feeling. Thank you Cat . You are an amazing person with powerful ❤connections .

From Cynthia V.: I’ve had Reiki from Cat and it’s very healing ❤️‍ and it helped !!

From Jackie M.: Thank you so much for my reading today. It was awesome! You are awesome ❤️. Xo

From Diane M.:  I was grateful to be part of a gallery reading given by Cat. It was a beautiful experience that highly resonated.  Cat fully accessed my departed loved ones on the other side of the veil. She delivered messages from my loved ones that left no doubt as to who they were, creating absolute trust in the information. Thank you, Cat for connecting me with my loved ones and bringing forth messages that I needed to hear. ♥


Calming Release

From Janet S.:  That was on my list first thing this morning lol. I finally used it last night and really liked it. I did hear it will be beneficial used over a period of time. I slept great and had very clear dreams also.

From Janette C.:  Beautiful!

From Nicole M.:  Upon applying the oil I felt immediate calm wash over my entire being. Then I experienced a whole lot of ringing in my ears both left and right and this continued the whole experience. I continued to get even more relaxed to the point that I almost got panicky about it lol (thats something I’m working on) So when i closed my eyes I saw all types of geometry and then flashes of visions of Christ, the Blesssed Mother and Morgana or Morgan Le Fay. She showed me a lot and she tried to put my  mind at ease as far as her less savory reputation. She also told me that I was about to go through a major death to rebirth cycle and to be ready for that. Then she dissipated and I got more ringing and more colors mainly purple. and just basically my whole body felt amazing and totally receptive and relaxed and blissful. Until I fell asleep my ears rang for downloads and also I kept just seeing people flash in and out of my third eye. It was soooo awesome!!  I have been applying daily and it helps ground.  That first night was like an initiation to the oil.

From Joann P. (following an anti-aging facial/release oil session):  “I dream maybe once a year. I used that oil last nite again and had vivid dreams”

Body Butter for Pain

From Carmine C.:  Hi, I am an ex – military veteran and senior citizen. Four years ago I had major surgery to my left knee which required a knee replacement. I have had associated pain with that knee as well as arthritic pain on my right knee and lower back. I was introduced to the original pain relieving butter three years ago after trying several store bought pain reliever salves and creams, none of which gave me lasting relief. The original pain relieving butter has been a Godsend. I apply it to the areas that are painful and gently massage it for a few moments. I use it twice a day for maximum relief. The beauty of it is that it’s not really greasy, has a nice fragrance and consists of organic elements. For me it’s money well spent and gives me the satisfaction I was looking for. Thank you so much for this really nice product. CJC .

From Judy R.:  Good morning   I want to thank you for the salve.  I applied it 3 times in 1 day followed with moist heat on top.  The next morning, pain was gone.    It is a great product.