Insights Received

These last few years have been jam packed…
Energy can shift in every moment.  
Downloads plentiful.  So is healing necessary.
Much love for all.   ~  Cat
The energy, feelings and intentions put in to everything we do IS creation itself. 💜🙌🏻🦋
~  Cat, July 20, 2020
I often wonder how consciously connected, insightful and energetically sensitive souls can continue to be driven in such divisive and targeted judgment outwardly?
I am certain I have done this myself.
Does this not serve as the very highlight for us to look WITHIN?
I see many instances of shaming, blaming, judging; of bullying and berating; of making fun of people for physical appearance and intelligence; of an inability to see any ‘side’ but their own; of feeling attacked and closed off, rather than open and sharing.
Many of us are Healers, Teachers, People of Faith.
People with a platform that continue to fuel the fires of division, racism, hate, separation, intolerance of differences, mean spirited memes… I don’t understand this and feel that especially those with public followings must hold a greater responsibility of themselves and the interactions spurred on their posts.
I understand there are a great many things that need to be set right.
I understand we need to have a great many conversations. This must be a two way street. No matter how much we believe we are the one who is right.
I understand I may have done this in the past. I may still in some eyes, as I continue to share things that need understanding or clarification, for myself or as food for thought for others.
I do have my own feelings of what/who is a positive or a negative force in these times. I hope that I put forth my queries as open minded to find truth as this is always my intent.
What I don’t understand is the undercurrent of hate or of complete and total shutdown of entire conversations because of the presence of a name or a situation within the text that those have predetermined answers to.
Are we not all seeking truth and justice?
Are we not all Connected in Unity?
What good comes of any division?
Yes. We need to make some changes. But, continuing cycles of division, or worse, of hatred, are not the way.
Please, let us each look within. 🙏💙🕊
~  Cat, July 15, 2020
We should all be asking ourselves:
Am I willing to step outside my comfort zone to find truth?
Do I get stuck in being right or in defending my position?
Do I research and #educate myself from all sides?
Am I willing to listen, with an open #heart and mind, even when I may not agree?
Do I allow space for others to share what feels like truth to them?
Do I #listen with open ears or am I checking my mental files readying my response?
Am I able to see #solutions or #progressive steps that may assist or am I stuck in perpetuating the problem ?
Do I live as an #example of what I wish to see in the #people and #world around me?
I know the large majority of us really do strive for #equality, #peace and #abundance for all and in all senses.
We need to begin effective #communication once again. Most especially now.
This will help us find common ground to grow from; anchor in the #foundations to move forward with #health love and higher #perspective as the ultimate goals for each of us, our world and our children’s #children
~  Cat, July 1, 2020
Got a few recently… I was literally telling a stranger the story of how I #received the most recent one and showing him the #picture of it on my phone (2nd pic) when a blue jay swoops in front of where we are standing as we take a step, look down and see this baby!
~ Cat, June 25, 2020
Such an #extraordinary day 🤩
I was #awakened while declaring #intentions.
Literally a #flow of #colors and #visions #thoughts and #feelings that I woke up to mid-sentence & as the #spokenword fell from my lips, the #world I #wish to #experience was put forth into the #universe
On the heels of the #summersolstice yesterday, straight on in to today’s #newmoon in #cancer and the #ringoffire #solareclipse
From waking I spent hours in my backyard where even more #profound #moments in #creation were shared in #nature
~ Cat, June 21, 2020
I continue to hear about the power and intensity of June 21st, the Summer Solstice. Also the New Moon in Cancer, making this about exploring the depths of emotion which lies in the shadows while in the moon’s most natural home.
This date marks also a solar eclipse and the 2nd eclipse in a potent portal of 3 during these already challenging times. Though these days, what’s *not intense or ‘hasn’t been seen in a century’ ?…
There is also much information about Dark coming to Light in the form of many challenging and long time truths being illuminated and revealed, causing stress, grief and anger in the world… emotions; In addition to planned gatherings and marches across the country, around the world, by the opposing forces of the Deep State, the Church of Satan and the Luciferians looking to take hold in these potent energies and chaos present in the world today.
Right about now you may be wondering what happened to the real Cat… this is certainly not my typical direction of discussion…. But this is big. As a matter of fact, the showdown that a large majority of us came here for & that which we have been working towards in all of our healing, learning and self exploration. Also why it has been of great importance to know and understand what exactly we are up against.
I feel it of great importance to get thinking about a plan for that day. We need to be very aware of the energy around us and hold space for the highest vibration we can maintain.
Find or host a circle, find or create an online group meditation or prayer group… or perhaps, find your strongest self in your own special ceremony.
Spend the day in quiet contemplation and prayer, working the Earth, absorbing the Sun, by the Water, around a Fire… in God’s Church of Nature, to better assist in grounding and transmuting energies and deepening our roots to join remotely with others.
6 21 2020 is a 13 day. Which has been superficially known from media for dark meanings but in essence is all about great and divine transformation baby! Further reduced, it’s a 4, bringing about stability and balance making this the perfect day to create change in extraordinary ways.
Let’s unite efforts, whether physically present or remotely, and create an ever flowing and unending wave of light that heals and protects all in its path, especially shielding those that are sleeping and our young ones.
I will take this coming week to prepare all layers of my human energy field in gentle purification and prayer, and will most likely be here in my own space for the Solstice and joining in remotely to some powerfully focused group intentions.
The focus for me will not be about banishing the Dark.
It will be about expanding the Light.
Creation. ✨
Through the Healing and Forgiving Golden Light of Christ, the Gentle and Compassionate Blue of Mary and the Violet Ray of Transmutation and Transformation.
Please join me.
Much love 💙🙏🕊 ~ Cat,  June 14, 2020
I found a #sleepy #little #bumblebee in my oregano today 🌱🐝
I had my face right in front of his before I even realized he was there, which is when it looked like he woke.
It was like he #blinked and shook like ‘huh? Am I still dreaming?’
I just said ‘oh hello’ and eased off a bit. After a minute of watching him move and wake his little parts and seeing he was still alive, I went in for my coffee percolating on the stove and thought I’ll grab my phone and if he’s still here maybe he’ll allow me a shot or two…
Gone when I got back but #loving this #riseandshine #moment and the bumblebee #symbolism I found, fitting as always to current #experiences.
Said of the bee: “Their language of love is mindful service.”
Photo, quote & info from and & my favorite
🙌🏻 Thank you
~  Cat, June 2, 2020
It is everywhere. It is all things, all people.
There is purpose in ALL.
In gratitude, with love and respect
~ Cat, May 28, 2020
Dreamy ✨
Have you ever had these experiences?
Whether in dream time or during waking moments and traveling meditations, some of my most treasured encounters were in the in between spaces. 💜🤩 Bridges, stairways, doors..
Gratitude and Love remain long after the moments have passed.
~  Cat, May 20, 2020
Magnesium deficiency has been quite common in the years/decade of late.
Sometimes, however, the body just screams for more and we are able to consume more mag than might be considered too much normally. In fact, we need it to replenish. As we also tend to experience during energetic shifts and upgrades. 🙌🏻
I personally feel the need for increased intake now and thought I would share some simple ways to incorporate into our diet for anyone else that may be feeling it.
Some clues may be persistent headache, eye floaters, muscle cramping, dehydration, etc.
Some of the most delicious foods, herbs and nuts, supplementation and smoothies can help.
Of course, the brands we choose matter, along w organic, non-gmo choices to protect us from unwanted chemicals or fillers.
Read labels, ask questions, shop around. You are worth it. 💚
And if anyone needs help finding a great and natural supplement, ask me. I can share what I use and distribute.
~ Cat, May 18, 2020

5 7 2020 16/7   –  5 8 2020 17/8


JM 2-2-2020

One of the clearest spoken channels I have ever received.

Through my ears & straight to my heart from my son, JM, after his passing in February.

His tech handle was ‘The Silent Treatment’.

So many perspectives of his truth locked behind beautiful blue-green eyes, dug deeply into his silence.  He took his own life.  No one could have altered his decision.  That was the point.  There are so many interwoven worldly & spiritual causes for this that will be saved for another day…

In the midst of these personally devastating events, cue the world chaos… pandemic, shut downs & revelations of some harsh & dismal truths on the world stage.… falsity & truth polarities highlighted  as never before.

Also allowing more time  than ever before to dig unlimitedly into life & death, grief & personal responsibility, both for my family & for the world.

Thank God for the sovereign, truth tellers, whistle blowers & courageous among us.  I thank you all.

Research all things for yourself.  Both within you & your environement.  Please.  Gain knowledge & insight from many sources.  But more importantly, seek INNER WISDOM, as for me & for many we FEEL truth.  We spiritual peeps have been honing in on this for our lifetimes …  I know I am the only truth barometer I should trust with the bottom line.  And my truth is between me & my maker.  

That does not mean we all have the same truth.  That too is the way it should be.  We are all here to learn or do different things.  We need all sides of the equation to really see a thing & find the balance of it.

But, in a world where people are either afraid to speak up, feel there is no point in speaking up, or get attacked or censored when they do speak up… this is when we absolutely MUST SPEAK UP.

It should also be said that no one should attempt to force their view upon anyone else.  Sharing our perspective is one thing.  It is wonderful to have healthy debate & differing perspectives.  Forceful or shaming hostility is another.  No matter how much you feel your perspective is the right one… It is up to us to hold to our truths, but also for us to respect others for doing the same.

For me, I have known some things regarding my purpose for all of my life & I find myself here in this moment.  I have also known that I would lose my son since before I gave birth to him.  

For me, my time is now.  This is a huge piece of what I am here on this planet for.  My son’s death, along with the world situation were the catalysts for me to finally & fully understand a life filled with random bits of information & clues, phrases, feelings, images, aversions, dreams & messages from Spirit.

I know also, I am not the only one.  There are so very many of us that came here just for this particular moment in time.

Why do I speak now?  For all of my sons and daughters… My children & my children’s children.  For the living.  For the memory of those passed.  For your children.  For many people & many reasons.  I’ve been speaking out for our kids & our planet for as long as I can remember in one form or another.  This is the main show.  

I do not consent to being manipulated, poisoned, imprisoned or otherwise controlled.

I envision a healthy & thriving Earth, with clean & non altered food, water, air & energy. With love, tolerance & respect for all beings, no matter what form they take.

I send love, gratitude & forgiveness to all straight from my heart.  

I wish for all the Eyes to See & the Ears to Hear.

Thank you All.  We are One.

& thank you to my son J for being my teacher always.  ~  Cat  💜🙌🏻🕊

In speaking with a friend I thought this discussion may benefit others with all going on for us individually and collectively. I would love to hear your input.
Much love for all. ~Cat 💜🙌🏻🕊
Re: Headaches and world energy:
Common with a few things. Some like, barometric pressure, the Schumann Resonance and actual physical world events like shifting plates, extreme pressure changes and storms.
Have you noticed rapid weather fluctuations lately in your area? **the planetary equivalent of what is occurring to us human beings of the light… clearing and aligning.
Some symptoms for us occur with particular days that have been extraordinarily high vibe and a lot of us experiencing similarities on a given day. Headaches, visual disturbances like blurriness, extreme floaters, eye strain, sinus problems, ear problems… as we tune in our receptors. We are each an antenna. Giving and receiving.
Messages and communications have been greatly enhanced as well.
On the flip side, we may also be experiencing lower chakra issues as we navigate this rocky new road. Digestive and endocrine systems particularly affected as we flush out toxins in large scale.
In addition… as we rise Kundalini Energy up our spine, this leads naturally to the pineal and upper chakras, once again contributing to headache and the like.
These spectacular moments in history may feel uncomfortable to say the least, apprehension, grief and fear being triggered consistently in ourselves and in those around us.
These can all have to do with the opening of certain channels and energy centers as we expose our challenges and imprints, clear out debris and align and expand them.
This can (and most likely will) trigger emotions and thoughts of what these events are linked to… The root cause of suffering… Whether in this lifetime, buried deep within our inner child and even bringing in energies from other lifetimes and the collective consciousness. A multifaceted whammy!
Though we may actively be seeking growth and change, (or some of us completely unexpectedly as this moment in time IS our wake up call) sometimes it is simply not so pleasant.
We are all healing. And healing for those that are not yet capable of conscious healing, as well as that of our planet itself.
We are actually here, now, with reason. Our choice was to assist this ascension of the masses on this planet we call home. I don’t know about you but so far I have not found this an easy task. This is where our foundations of faith sustain us. 🙏
In the end we will find ourselves looking back. Recognizing each step along the way as the great gift that it was as each of these things assisted us in fully stepping into our purpose in service to the divine plan and our inner strengths that bring us to and through them.
I can say this is already happening for me and for many I know. Hindsight is 20/20… this phrase stuck and truly hits home as truth, connecting events and experiences in ways we may only have had a glimpse of before.
I can also say, this is where our toolbox comes in handy. All those creative processes, physical techniques, meditation styles and ability to observe and shift energy will truly keep us going.
Journals will be of great help. Taking care of ourselves like never before in a more balanced way with foods & herbs, rest & hydration, quiet time, nature, creative time, expansion of mind while learning more and more…
What is it we envision for our future? For our collective experience? Now is the time to create it. 💜🕊🧚‍♀️🙌🏻
Peace and love.  ~  Cat,  April 24, 2020
*** Photo credit to the beautiful Diane of ’See With My Heart Photography.


Wishing everyone pure and gentle bonds of love this morning. ⚜️

You and yours are all included in my daily prayers.  ~ Cat, April 11, 2020

I AM channeling distance healing daily for the masses along with specific lists of people, whether for the virus or for some other concern. As well as in raising the vibration of this planet.
If you would like to receive or add a name to my lists, please comment below or private message me if you’d prefer. It is helpful for me to put them on a specific list and target my intentions, please specify what we are addressing.
I AM calling for Miracles in line with God’s & the Recipient’s will. 💞
I send out 3 times daily; morning, noon and evening.
You are welcome to add your energy and intentions to this effort as well. The more the merrier.
Many thanks.  Much love. ~ Cat  💚🕊,  April 3, 2020


This title has had too long in the spotlight of notoriety and used as an insult to those of us that showed compassion, emotion, or pain that others frowned upon, misunderstood as weakness and judged.  It’s about time that b.s. went by the wayside.  Thankfully, this is occurring at lightening speed and we have begun to take ownership in our vast sensitivities.  By ourselves, for ourselves.  Regardless of persecution or opposition of others, often those closest to us.  

Likely, the feelings and frustrations associated with being sensitive is something those that judged it could not control or identify in themselves so they made it something to poke fun at.  You know, that outdated axiom of excluding anyone different or unique… gratefully, a thing which also increasingly holds no place or power.   

Thankfully and divinely ordered we are tipping the scales back to a heart centered, supportive and understanding existence.  One that is connected to not only each other, but to nature as this is our source and flow of inspiration and love.  From each of us, through each of us.  And together.  Like a symphony.

I love us all  ~  Cat  pastedGraphic_11.pngpastedGraphic_12.png   August 30, 2019 


The morning after…  ~  Cat, August 9, 2019


Healing My Inner Kitten

An excerpt from my journal writings a few years ago that
I somehow came across this morning, unexpected and in the strangest place, but pertinent as always to this moment in time as I truly step in to all the many aspects of me. Healing of the inner child, reclamation of power. Maybe you can relate:
While having coffee this morning the thoughts came in… Quite a few. It occurs to me that I feel as though most of my life, family, social circles, etc… that I was either invisible, or basically that my thoughts, words & feelings were unimportant, wrong, foolish, unwanted. Why I started to ‘want’ to be invisible and unheard. & I gave, and continued to give, my power away.
To husbands, teachers, family members, ‘gurus’. Who I trusted with my life decisions and needed consent or approval before moving forward.
I called all these lessons, right? First off, thank you. To all of you who played your role to help me learn. Also, the solar plexus and sacral chakra connection… I have had more than 3 years (or a lifetime!) of issues or blockages in this area. Of course, undiagnosed and docs all say I am perfectly healthy but, here, take a pill….
The power center, creative and connectivity center…
Reclamation of my power.
After speaking about this it seemed so clear. (or at least the following morning)…
I have chosen the victim role. I have given away my power.
It is time to finally, and truly, own it. I begin today.
I accept my strength, for myself, my children, and any others whom I serve.
I am committed to myself in developing yet more strength & in honing in on finding my own way, blending joy & work together, finding respectful partners & a life partner, ,in support, in love, in understanding. Community.
I am further committed, with renewed strength & vibrancy, in helping my children to find and own their individuality, their power, their compassion, their love & how we each express ourselves both private and public. Living outwardly. Finding our joy and adventure!
I love that we can start anew. In any moment.
I ask my Masters, Angels and Guides, and those of my sons, Jesse & Dylan, to assist us in opening our hearts & minds, finding what we need, ease & support during trials, bonded together with love & patience.
Thank you! ❤️ I love you.
~ Cat, September 18, 2018 (29/11!!)
Random thoughts from the shower on a Master #22 day!
Simple truths: An evolving soul does not have everything figured out. We still experience levels of pain, fear, anger, or doubt depending on the person or situation. It aint all fluff and we are here to teach and to be taught.
Seems the judgmental out there need to hear this and sometimes this is all that needs doing… to stand up and say: We are not simply a doormat that willingly accepts abuse or mistreatment sending a river of love toward the other.
Where, if we respond in any way, other than that of a doormat, we are simply not spiritual, loving or a healer in their thoughts and words that follow.
What I feel is that the only difference of those who are growth-minded, is that they/we are more able and willing to assess the truth of the matter, by looking at ourselves, accepting responsibility where we may find our own culpability. An honest assessment of us, but also of them.
Though, if we continue to engage in drama or lower vibrational conflict, we must be willing to accept that there is something more for us to learn in whatever situation/relationship we are addressing.
From this standpoint we can better see our own patterns and behaviors. Followed by the ability to hold more compassion for the other with the knowing that each of us is moving through our own level of understanding. Each in our own time. And, that is perfectly perfect.
I know that I have personally experienced these types of challenges in people and situations of my past.
My goal in the present is the presence of heart and mind to see and feel all from this higher perspective, always including myself in the assessment, yet no longer allowing another’s words to throw me into doubt or confusion.
I wish you the same opportunity for evolution and growth. My welcome mat is just outside the door.
Much love  ~  Cat  💜🕊
August 21, 2018 (22/4)


Turning Conflict to Completion

This is one of my personal grid boards.  It quickly climbed the charts as one of my favorites to work with.

In searching for something for one of my boys I came upon a picture of this grid that I took when I first created it, I can see and feel the pure energy and purpose of it still in these pictures.

Immediately, I knew it was significant and did some more searching to find the channeling I wrote on the back of my board and further knew that this energy and intention was significant in the space we are currently in.

I will continue to sit with and tune in to this board, seems a little muddy like it’s been working overtime for me, so I plan to cleanse and reset it… And feel a piece of writing just scratching the surface of my thoughts which are fitting to some things which have been arising as well.

Not sure if there’s enough time to do all that I wish to before work, so I thought I would put these photos out, as maybe they can be of service to someone out there….

Wishing all much love and success in finding your own Truths.

May we each have the clarity to turn our Conflicts to Completion.

Much love,

~  Cat, April 9, 2018  (4+9+2018=24=6 = Universal Love!) 


Spark Within

Anger can be the spark for some much needed change.
Or it can be just another pendulum swing of the wrecking ball spreading more fear and separation.

That choice is up to each of us.

In our effort to ‘fix’ things or right some wrongs, may we each try to live as an example of what we would like to see in the world, and hold compassion and respect for each other as we work toward Understanding and Unity.
Much love   💜🕊️

~  Cat, March 23, 2018

Boston Strong

Senseless tragedies. Lives shattered. Immediate & permanent loss. Chaos. Shock. Disbelief.
This is not new. Nor unique. At any given time we will find a multitude of events globally.
Each and every one painful, emotional, confusing to those of us directly involved, those of us looking in, and, as gently as I can say this….what about the perpetrators?
There is a human story to tell. Backgrounds to each life that lead us to this result. Even the ‘bad guy’.

Just this morning I was up way too early and looking for a movie. I come across ‘Patriots Day’, thinking it was an old Harrison Ford movie, I turned it on and am brought back instantly to one such erratic moment in time almost 5 years ago, the Boston marathon bombing.

So many things run through my mind. Thoughts of the senselessness of violence, based simply upon differences of opinion or belief, or worse yet, greed and power. Feelings of empathy and peace and healing for all those who face these tragedies head on, as my heart swells with love for those with the strength to endure and overcome. Along with my own hopes and fears for the children of our world, including my own.

I find myself, almost 5 years later, feeling and experiencing my own small part of this particular event and all that I did on that day and the week that followed, after having one of the clearest visual premonitions I have had to date, and in trying to understand what it all meant.

There were many unexplainable moments during that time for me, each of them etched in my mind. Most vividly a vision during my morning meditation, in which I saw a beautiful and light filled spirit. As I was trying to decipher who this was, so golden bright I actually thought it was Jesus at first, its light faded and kind of zoomed in closer to see the light in his eyes turn black. Though I didn’t know it at the time he turned into ‘suspect #2’ as I watched.

I remember it being a Monday (April 15, 2013) and I was in my den doing an early morning meditation after my boys left for school. I had not yet heard of the bombing that occurred later that day but I did experience anxiety and a growing sense of ‘something occurring in the world’, which though not very much fun was common for me at this stage of my development as I picked up on world energies of unrest and turmoil.

So vivid, so clear, this transformation from good to evil. This instantaneous shift was like a blow that literally took my breath away. But in that instant I knew the point: We each have the capability to become. Our best or our worst. The brightest light or one who brings darkness. Along with: this person I was seeing was unsupported in the light.

Watching it all unfold was even more surreal. I had no idea who this face was. I simply knew I should turn on the tv and watch the news. Something I don’t typically do unless this feeling of unease needed to be identified. Once I saw the bombing news I knew this was related and normally, when the source of this energy is known, my anxiety tends to subside. Then I started seeing photos on the news of this particular face on that Thursday.

Mind blown. Why would I be shown such a thing and experience the panic and urgency when there is nothing I can do about it, nor do I even know what ‘it’ is before it occurs… ? What good can come of understanding after the fact?

Part of the answer to that came days later as I visited with a beautiful healer, mentor and friend, Kathryn, who almost immediately said to me “You saw ‘number 2”. Mind blown yet again.
But, her insight was that this was shown to me as a confirmation. To trust myself and the information I receive. A tough one for someone who has always been taught that her feelings and thoughts were wrong or didn’t quite matter… the impact of this experience was tangible.

But, why do I find myself here today? Thrust back into the feelings and lessons of it all?
To me this holds importance. Something happening now that will need the lesson of then…

And as I think about trust, I know also that I immediately felt safe and protected. At no time, during that vision, did I feel that I was in danger. I do remember calling upon Archangel Michael and beings of the light at virtually the same time I realized what was occurring in my vision. You know how sometimes we think we may respond one way but never quite know until we are in that situation… so this is a good thing.

Flash forward to this morning. I unexpectedly found a movie portrayal that linked me to a time in my life where I learned some pretty intense things about myself and others. Though I may not have understood them completely in the moment, I see how very critical they are to my sense of well being, along with a better grasp of these gifts that continue to open up in me.

Emotion and gratitude are what I am left with. The depth of the human spirit, our connection and our resiliency. At the end of ‘Patriots Day’ the feelings conveyed by Patrick Downes, just one of the many injured that day, is what I take forward with high hopes that more and more of us choose and support the light:

“Two people took many days and weeks to plan out hate but Love responded in an instant.”

In his reflection of the many other senseless acts of hate around the world he speaks of the importance of thinking of each affected “not as victims of violence, but as ambassadors for peace.”

Boston Strong. Thank you.

~Cat, March 11, 2018

*** In honor of the enduring human spirit, the photo above is Patrick Downes crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2016, past the very spot where he lost his leg 3 years earlier.

Ever get that feeling you are being worked on?
I found myself once again on auto pilot this morning, awakening at 4 am and heading straight into my healing room. I simply decided to lay there quietly and eventually my awareness came to my energy centers and how off I felt.
…If you are experiencing life like mine lately, it’s been run run run and exhaustion in every sense… though I feel that is fading, it really does feel like I am being worked on in.
I was guided to cleanse and clear my chakras, but it felt like nothing I tried was working and a grid was calling…
Very simple placement today working on my energy.
Followed by a complete shut down and back to bed.
As if I completed my task and was free to rest.
The other grid, my Wounded Healer, has been set under my Reiki table for the last week or more. This one set for Amplified Clarity for myself.
Don’t know if I can accurately express how very powerful this process is for me (and different every time).
I can absolutely say that this is the clearest form of guidance in self healing for me. Like I said… auto pilot…
If you have interest in learning how to do this for yourself and create your own healing grid boards you are in luck!
Next Friday, July 13th, you will find me at the Port Jeff Salt Cave doing a Healing Grid Workshop. I’ll put the link in the comments below.
Lots of love!   💜🕊  ~ Cat, July 6, 2018
Photo by Cat
‘An angels visit.’  From my back deck, 11-1-17
The Lion’s Gate Portal 8*8*8
Numerology 8+8+2+0+1+7= 26= 8
A personal and global request to any willing participants:
This is a very powerful opening and lifting for each of us.
No matter where you find yourself, can I ask that you put some thought and energy into seeing and feeling what it is you would like to see in your life and in the world around you?
You can do this in any form your wish, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, or creating in any way….
Or get in tune with mother earth. Plant a seed. Speak it to the universe, to the moon and sky. Let the wind carry it. Burn it by fire, wash it clean in the ocean.
My vision is a clearing & a rising.
For each of us.
For all of us.
Such beautiful happenings and elevations. Allow your heart and mind to lead the way and see yourself surrounded by things that bring you joy, peace and love. Don’t think about how. Just see yourself there. Feel it.
I will be holding special ceremony. Sending love to all in my beautiful Universe and beyond.
✨🙏🏻🦋🕊🌹 ~ Cat,   August 8, 2017
P.S. Don’t forget to set your grids! If you’ve got world grids, set them with love as well 💜



And, in the midst of all the chaos, I found me again

The way I see it, my visual equality, that which the world may judge me on or categorize me as, is just that… an outside judgment and simply not my truth. That in reality, my equality has more to do with me personally, how I feel about myself, as much as my upbringing; the environment those around me taught me was acceptable. And now, those I choose to surround myself with; my acceptance or allowance of things. My ability to speak out, or speak up or my willingness to work hard and go get something if I want it.

I have been working full time since the age of 15. On my own, since 17. More than a few times, others have relied upon me to shelter and feed them. Seemed hardships always surrounded the people I was drawn to.

I have had more than a few management and key positions in ‘men dominated’ industries, where I made a very healthy wage. I broke free of the molds without even thinking that there were molds. Scoffing at those that said there were. Not in my reality.

I have crawled out of the muck and mud countless times. Overcoming drug addiction, divorce, homelessness, debt. I walked away from just about everyone and everything I knew to accomplish what must be done, as I knew, it must come from me and only me. And, I did it.

From working 3 jobs, 7 days a week, I was able to steadily increase my wages, get better suited jobs, work my way down to 2 jobs, then down to only one. Finally added in tech school, a social life, and plenty of adventures! & man, did I enjoy quite a range of excitement & experiences!

I was living life and totally free. As always, responsible and reliable, yet wild and spontaneous. With money in the bank and all that I needed. The only time in my life that I remember a feeling of ease. Connected to many different crowds, as always. Each diverse and interesting in so many ways. Hiking, biking, skydiving, camping, rafting, rappelling, potheads, techno dancing, drinking, road trip taking, spiritual, earthy, creative, music, night life & quiet time! City life and country bumpkin wrapped up in one. Yet now I realize that most of my travels were all on my own. Headed here or there to meet a crowd, or hop a flight to catch up with the rest, or maybe driving at 3am in the midst of the parkway trucker convoys, such sights and sounds and people! I was so busy and marched to my own drum that I was not in sync with others time frames…Though sometimes I would wish for someone special to share it with, it didn’t stop me & the craziest & coolest shit would happen!

Leading into my second marriage, things happened so quickly. I worked full time, 13 hour days, until 3 weeks before giving birth to my oldest son, fully intending on going back to work. But, after bringing this beautiful being into this sometimes harsh environment, I chose to stay at home and become my child’s connection to the world and all around him. So that he was raised with morals, and support. Individual to him. And then continued on when my youngest son was born.

Though I am glad this was my choice, this is a different kind of work altogether. Some, like me, can get lost in it and it wasn’t long before I gave myself away & found myself in this long term codependent narcissist/empath relationship. But, that’s another story.

Fast forward to today. On my own & struggling once more. And, this time it is not just me that I need to feed. I sometimes worry that my ‘stay at home mom’ function & state of being did not convey this lifetime of morals and work ethic to my children in this little place we call home. I hope these ideals and integrity are what my children will ultimately know of me. Even more so, that they carry them through in their own lives, marching to their own drums & experiencing some crazy, cool shit in that great wide world out there.

What I know of me is that, during my lifetime, I have fully experienced my own strength and power. Whether I was in the flow or in opposition. There was never a question of who I could rely upon, I was here all along. Never a question of whether to do what needed to get done, it just got done. I am strong. Capable. A Manifestor and Co-Creator to my reality.

I have been on my own for a few years now.  Really weeding through the muck that is me.  Relied upon when I could not fathom even getting myself ready for the day.  Down and out, yet more connected to love and peace than ever before. 

And, in the midst of all the chaos, I found me again

~  Cat, began 1-23-17/completed 5-25-17


Morning Ritual

Today’s journal entry & Random Thought from the Shower:
The importance of my daily morning ritual
Many months ago, I would say at least 6, I was ‘given’ a phrase by Master Jesus: “Head & heart connected, Spleen protected, Sealed in the Blood, and the Love, of Christ. ”
Spoken while ‘anointing’ myself w/Frankincense (occasionally another oil, but usually Fr.) in specific locations of my body:
Third eye, heart, l/r ribs (spleen), wrists, top of feet.
I take my shower & cleanse, washing stagnation, muck, obstacles, down the drain. Then seal & bless, echoing the thought lately to ‘Cleanse & clear’, and on to my ‘anointing’ & Jesus’ verse.
Sometimes I am guided on to other prayers, breath, body movement, action, etc…
& though I am certain that the Universal energies enhance & support my progress, I also need to acknowledge that I followed my inner urgings, I listened to my gut & to Master Jesus at that.
& that, by simple intention, thought & feeling, done consistently, I have seen/am seeing such deep & impactful results & karmic completion.
I feel this just as clearly as I was given the verse & knew what to do with it.
Thank you.  I love you. I love me.

~  Cat, March 13, 2017


Here he is, Charlie, the brightest spark in the Universe!

So, I was awakened in the night, mid-dream, to my friend Georgia, speaking to me: “Here he is, Charlie, the brightest spark in the Universe”, as an introduction to someone (I thought a guide) that I never saw, because my pup, Max, was also trying to get my attention by scratching the side of my bed.
And now, sitting here, having coffee before starting my day, specific past lives begin making their way through my mind.. haven’t thought of them, or regression at all, in what feels like a year now…
This clicks a memory to share with my friend, the events of last night…
So I go to FB to share, and up pops this memory… pictures that I found that relate to a past life of mine, in France. My shoppe was on this street. Researching the events and time period brought me to find these pics and they seriously blew me away.

Even better, I’ll be heading out for a refresher course in Master Teacher training for Reiki for the duration of the weekend….
Always get some serious adjustments during attunements…
Wondering what is in store for me and excited to begin!
Let’s get it goin’ on!
Thank you!   

My friend looked up Charlie:
The most amazing guy in the world. He knows how to make a girl feel good about herself, and would do anything he could to make her happy. He would never try to hurt a girl, or anyone for that matter. He is sweet, sensitive, caring, outgoing, courageous, funny, sexy, gorgeous, everything that a girl would want him to be. He is an exetremely sexy man, with a hot ass body. He knows the right things to say to a girl whenever she is feeling sad, and he will stick with her no matter what. He fights for the people he cares about, and he doesn’t back down. He is the sweetest guy you will EVER meet in your life.

~  Cat, February 18, 2017


Divine Mother, pray for us

Mother wounds. The feminine aspect. Equality and feelings of worthiness.
These are absolutely in the forefront of American culture, and in others around the world.
Please, if you will, take a moment to send love to your own heart. To your Mother, Grandmother, and all women who surround you locally, globally. Most especially to our sons and daughters.

These transitions are necessary, & though they may not be pleasant, they are bringing us to better days.
Those of us retaining Mother Wounds may not have even thought it to be the source of our doubt or hesitancy to embark into the world, successful & confident.
Clearly many of us are feeling the need to usher this in and heal these long standing wounds.
It is my understanding that this may be just one of an underlying catalyst prompting change toward a more balanced individual & society.

My wish is that we each see ourselves as beautiful, capable, and strong. That we teach our children the same. That we give thanks to those who came before us, as no matter how they taught us… they played the role that we requested of them out of their undying love for us.
My love to all   

~  Cat, January 23, 2017


I can create my world as I choose!

Each of us, one by one, who hold the space for peace, harmony, love, positivity, health and abundance for all…

Is Creating a future for ourselves and for those around us.
Each and every one of us who actively creates a more peaceful world on a daily basis, is helping to usher in a better today and tomorrow…for all of us.
Imagine many people acting in more peaceful ways, being kinder, more compassionate, forgiving, helpful… and what a difference we would see.
Now imagine this on a national and global scale.
We have the power. We each hold it in our hearts and minds. In our hands. Let’s focus more on creating positive change. Unify, rather than separate.
Many thanks, on behalf of my children and all children of the world.

~  Cat, January 21, 2017


Abandon yourself into the hands of Mary

Another helpful and timely reminder to listen to our inner voice. We know what we need.

Though I have many important things on my to-do list today, I will not, nor should I, attempt to accomplish it all. Not today.
After going around in a fog for too many hours… I decided to run with my original plan…. and took a nice, hot, long bath in epsom salt and lavender. Dimmed the lights and some awesome soul music.
This is, after all, the plan I set for myself this morning.
Followed by clearer thinking and thoughts on what I can get done, the rest will wait. Guilt free..

Do you need a break? Take it.   You are worth it.

~  Cat, January 18, 2017


Holiday Spirit

Ok, I know that it is the season of Love. Christmas, the celebration of Jesus’ life, sacrifice and message.
I also know that tv networks tend to echo events and timelines.

But, I am simply amazed at what I am currently experiencing.
I’ve seen 3 movies recently, each for the first time:
Young Messiah
The Passion of the Christ
and now, Risen.
All of which just happen to be on the channel I turn on.
All of which, I cry like a baby to. Most especially Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection. The faith, and questions, of the others…

Like I am tapping into the feeling of it all, and not for the first time.
I have experienced past life regressions, and visions of this time period. I have seen the structures, my tomb, and the surrounding environments. I have been told by a few that I have a direct blood connection to Enoch, and that the Sacred Heart and DNA of Mary, are shared by me. All of which resonates deeply, yet leaves more questions….

With or without any of that… This is such a deeply moving experience. Both the love, as well as in witnessing the fear & behavior of the non-believers.

I believe we have been, and will continue, to witness such extremes in the world. It is all a part of our collective experience, the collapse before the rebuild.

I choose Love. Faith. Empathy and Compassion. <3 <3 <3 
For each of us in this beautiful season, and always.
Please join me. ~  Cat, December 4, 2016


Wishing you a blessed All Souls Day today. November 2, 2016.
A day to acknowledge, honor & celebrate all those who came before us.
This morning, I gave special thanks for our Native Nations and all our ancestors.
I think it’s extraordinarily fitting that our Indigenous tribes have banded together, for the first time in history, to help shine the light on a very significant distinction of what’s most important.
Our native cultures, no matter where you are from, have taught and lived in a way of respect and honor, of our Mother Earth and all the resources she provides us. In living in harmony with nature, in a community minded, heart centered approach, they show us Universal Truth.
Currently, they are standing up, once again, to oppression and greed on behalf of all of us.
I thank all their ascendents for keeping and teaching these ways of life. Those, that quite a lot of us are finding ourselves returning to… With special requests that they stay close and help those on the front lines to remain strong, in integrity. ❤
Much love and many thanks for all of your service, efforts and love. ❤ ❤ ❤
~  Cat, November 2, 2016


9/9/9 (2+0+1+6)

9+9+9=27, 2+7=9
What a powerful day!
I started mine with writing about the many things and people I have to be grateful for. 💕
Such a beautiful feeling this carries through as we set the tone of our experience today.
Thank you!   ~  Cat
For the last hour, or more, I have been doing my morning journal and crystal gazing into my beautiful Apophyllite cluster….it is so very clear that today is all about…LOVE ❤
The winds of change are here. Fitting too that today is the day that Hermine will be blowing into town, as well as… Today in Numerology is a #5….Change.
We all do make a difference. Every moment, every choice we make.
Thank you all for your continued integrity, joy, compassion and love.
I feel you. ❤  ~ Cat,  September 5, 2016
**I added a photo of my beautiful cluster in grid formation from a few years later.  

Texas to Secede

During a beautiful group meditation/healing of sound and vision I saw many things.

Pertaining to myself and a vision of what I think is a potential future…

Putting it out here publicly and will see where it goes!

Only posting what I feel pertains to the world and world energy…

Texas:  At least, that’s what I immediately ‘heard’ or ‘knew’ when I saw a crowd of men walking around a ‘town square’, all in cowboy hats.

Mostly, white older males, with a determined look on their faces.  Milling around ‘their’ town square.  They were proud, at home, and doing it ‘their way’.

After talking this out with a friend and tuning into it a bit more, I decided to google the idea of Texas seceding from the U.S. and, surprisingly, there are many recent articles discussing just that.

This was during a period of ‘time’ I spent with Metatron, after crossing through a portal into a still and deep ‘space’ on 7-21-16.

**My wish is not to create or spread fear.   Please remember that all things happen, as they should, and any seemingly negative occurrences we are currently going through are for the highest good of all beings and of our planet.  Much love for all.

~Much love and gratitude to Rick Batyr, Georgia Rose and Spirit for putting this group together.

~  Cat, July 23, 2016  

**update:  looking back on this, it could very well have been a clue to Donald Trump winning the presidential election.

Iron & Current Cleansing

Interesting. I haven’t shared with many, my personal health…. Or this idea that has been formulating, recycling, and being confirmed throughout many numerous months.
I believe quite a lot of us have been experiencing our own version of this thing and I absolutely believe it is connected to the cleansing of the energies of the Earth.
There is no quick way to say this, as it seems to be linked to many health matters, in differing presentations, depending on where we may personally be in our development, or our specific task in ensuring that this task be completed…. Monumentous.
This is absolutely of the blood. Of the reproductive. Of the digestive. Of our life force and energetic being.
Whether you are anemic, menstrual concerns or having a hysterectomy, inability to digest and eliminate, organs non-functioning or improper functioning, leukemia or a blood disorder…. the list goes on…
I believe it to be centered around our power center in the abdomen. And, it is certainly male energy oriented.
After finally digging in to some alchemical metallurgic properties, it just produces an ‘aha!’ within…
(Also extremely timely with Metatron and St. Germaine making their presences known.)
Iron is one of the 7 ‘Metals of Antiquity’ and briefly, has everything to do with aggression, war, weaponry, physical protection, power…
Some of the most prominent visible human properties, which although they seem on the rise, are actually being cleansed and on their way out.
I personally have been affected, along with numerous people I know. And, like I said, this has been formulating for quite some time. If you are one of these people… Thank you for doing your part, I am sending you my love. Stand strong! We are almost through. <3

~  Cat, July 23, 2016


Welcome to the Blessing Moon!

I have received a clear message that this moon holds great power and healing for our Earth and all the Souls who inhabit her.

I was a little confused at first, when I saw this beautiful vision of this bright and splendid moon with wings spreading wide from it’s body.  I thought, why is it the Moon, not the Earth?  As I know that this Council of ours has been watching over and assisting the Earth.  But, I completely understand now and this vision was to share with anyone that will hear it….

A vision that maybe you can incorporate, whether alone or in a group, as this is what was clearly shown to me.  And, our efforts are fruitful!  We are making changes.  As always, the more of us that add our energy and creative thoughts to peace, beauty and love, the more impact we have.

Briefly, here is my vision, though I find it difficult to put into verbal form, just how intense the feeling, how bright the light, how loving this was for me:

Our guides, our council of Light, surrounding the Moon in a circular form; our Light Spirit journeying toward them and meeting them there, merging with them, creating an even more brilliant and powerful Light. Then our band joining with the energy and Light of our beautiful Grandmother Moon.

In this full, all out feeling/vision of pulsing light, we set our intentions of health, prosperity, abundance, peace and love for all of the Earth, followed by the most brilliant white/blue/silver Light emanating from us, our Council and our Moon and reaching outward back toward our Earth.

Earth, now bathed in her beauty and majesty. Lighting up the most hidden of shadows. Clearing the way for a new day in all the ways that we can imagine. We hold the power to create!

Let us create Unity.  Love.  Peace.  Compassion.  Understanding.  Truth.  Health.  Pure Water.  Pure Air.  Pure Soil.

On behalf of my children, I thank you. ~  Cat, July 19, 2016


A lot to say on this one, regarding an article I just read on an escape tunnel, dug by hand, found at a Holocaust Massacre Site:
And, I just may sound ‘out of my mind’ to some of you…
But, here it is, briefly:
Over the past few weeks/months, I have been sensing energies on the completion of karma and cutting of cords with the mother and the father. In a Collective sense. Further, that I was helping to facilitate for those who could not do this for themselves.
This came in with some serious physical, mental and emotional weight and, among numerous things over this length of time, almost brought myself to the hospital over the last few days…
I’m ok… tests, blood, remedies and follow ups…with possible surgery in the near future….
But, this, for certain, has to do with this purging. And, I feel that I am not the only one.
One big part of this is the Holocaust. A mass healing is going on. We are clearing this. And some of us, like me and maybe you, are truly feeling the effects.
I send out love and healing, whenever I have it in me, to all the world, including all of you.
I ask that you….anyone who can and will.. to please also say a prayer and hold some space for potential to heal this monumental grief, pain and anger.
Through this all, I have felt an overwhelming sense of Faith and Acceptance and see the Hope and Light at the end of the literal and etheric Tunnel. ❤
Thank you. I love you ❤~  Cat, June 30, 2016
The Blue Angels.
I dreamed of these winged little creatures about two nights ago during a night long of intense dreaming including visits from my deceased Grandparents and other family with them. Forgot to look them up but woke up this morning to thinking of them again and had to research and find out if they were real.
In my dream I called them Blue Angels. There were many of them and they were flying/hovering/shimmering, mostly ‘vibrating’ all around me, and rushing in to land on me.
I was a little freaked out at first while rushing toward me, but once they were on me I felt wonderful; joyous and calm. They were helping me, cleansing me. They were so pure and high vibrational.
Though I could not find pictures of the creatures that I saw in my dreams, I did find some really interesting things I had no idea existed! (I aim to learn something new every day!)
And, found the following site with their version of what the angel color rays entail.
Interesting there too, since I have been calling upon Archangel Michael for a few weeks now. ❤
This part of my dream, in addition to my Grandparents and all the many other parts of them, let me know I am being guided and protected. Just in case there were any doubt…
Yet also lends credibility to my feeling that something big is coming my way….

Excuse me, but your shadow is showing…

Words I hear echo out to me as a hand reaches out from the ethers to tap me on the shoulder.

My higher self, I am certain of it.

Comical at times.  That short clip to the back of my head…  The lesson and the ‘why’ of it so transparent.  I laugh at myself and keep on steppin’…..

Yet, at other times, downright cringeworthy…  I have definitely been here before.  In fact:  I’ve risen above this and learned this particular unpleasantry too many times.  By now, I should be a master at it… Yet, here I am again, post-reactionary state….  Where my doubt, insecurity or mouth were let loose.  Caught off guard by that same old trigger or insecurity;  back again for another go-round….. How could that happen after all this time, practice and learning?

Followed by wishing I had handled myself differently, not saying some things or maybe, to finally say things that needed to be spoken.  The endless circles going round my head…. over analyzing, over-critical…of myself of course…  I have always been my harshest critic and had never thought I deserved much more….

Then in comes the blame & judgment.  That, if I were ‘free’ of this, I wouldn’t be experiencing it any more.  That some part of me must still resonate with this situation and vibration, to attract it once again…

Maybe you can relate?  If so, I feel you greatly and send you lots of love.

In the end, I believe that is really what it’s all about….  Learning how to be loving and compassionate:  With, and for, ourselves.  Once we get the hang of that, all else will fall in line.  Truly.

To get back to the ‘go-round’ though….I am of the belief that we are never ‘free’ of something.  (Sorry if this does not please…and, just my humble opinion.)   Whether an unpleasant memory or situation or a deeply ingrained self-doubt, we don’t simply drop it off at the local post office, never to be seen or heard from again.  We just learn how to cope with it differently which changes our ‘reaction’ to ‘response’.  We can also learn to appreciate the good within the bad.  Not so easy at first.

This helps us to see also that any others involved are only going through their own cycles, which allows us to feel less defensive, understanding that their judgment, if any, is about them, not us… And, helps us to respond, less harshly.  With a bit more understanding and forgiveness.  If we truly work at it, we may find that one day we can actually love a person or thing that caused us so much pain for so long….  But, let’s take it one day at a time.

Now, I am no saint!  And, I don’t ever expect to be done working.  On myself, for myself.  But, I do know that each time I revisit a particular topic or situation, I am learning.  And, some lessons are a bit harder to swallow and take a little more time than others… But, all of it, every bit of it, is here for me.  For my highest good, whether I currently like it or not.  So, I need to hold compassion for myself, even in my ‘mistakes’.  And, by showing myself forgiveness and love, I will help to end this cycle.

Every day I see and feel great progress in so many areas.  Which kinda make these ‘out of the blue’ occurrences really stand out… But, mostly, I am happier, healthier, and calmer as the days go by.  I can say I am proud to be who I am and see how very far I have come;  knowing my strengths, as well as where I may need to work harder.

If you find yourself within these words, I wish you love and peace.

Have faith.  You will find your way.

Much love for all.  

~  Cat, June 15, 2016

And, a very happy birthday to my son, D!


World Energy and Our Children

Again yesterday I was picking up waves of nauseousness & dizziness. Been a few days of that, but yesterday was the smack in the head I needed to make me realize this was not me but world energy…

Then my boys come home and I catch each of them, visibly woozy with dizziness after entering. (All three of us around the same times between 2 and 4 pm.) But, they are fine they say.
And, it doesn’t last. Always fleeting and unexplainable.

You know…you go through the ‘what have you eaten? dehydration? gas leak? anything, anything, beuhler?

As a parent, you have to. But, I know what it is. The rumblings of the earth. They are picking up on energy, just like a lot of us do. And, maybe they are picking up more on me than on the earth… that would make sense why they are affected when they come home… but, they are still empaths and may be confused or scared without knowing why.

I guess I’m writing this as a gentle reminder…..our children are not so knowledgable or comfortable with it just yet. Were we?

Some have no clue what it’s all about and believe there is something wrong with them. I did for most of my life.

Some have the courage to talk to people about it and are shut down, as this is certainly crazy talk. I did that too.

And, some have no support systems, or people to talk to…. so they keep it all in. Yep, tried this as well…

It is up to us to guide them, as gently as we can, to develop and learn about, and for, themselves. This must be done in their time, in their way. We may wish to shield them, teach them, give them all the answers… But, these are ‘our’ answers, not theirs.

All we can do is love them. Support them. Be a good listener. Be as honest about our own struggles as we can be. Give them suggestions and let them choose.

Much love for you and yours ~  Cat, June 1, 2016


Ok, I am way behind these days! Am hoping you have each witnessed some of the very cool happenings going on. If you have any pics you’d like to share, please do!
Although, Mars won’t be as close as she she was two days ago, you can still see her up under the moon, along with Saturn still, I believe. Early morning skies are beautiful. Get out there whenever you can! 😃
We had a powerfully present Full Moon in Scorpio yesterday as well, coupled with the completion of Mercury Retrograde. (Yay!)
So, if you have found yourself dealing with strong emotions (or complete lack of, the key here is ‘extremes’), found yourself digging deep within trying to get to the heart of the matter… maybe even quarrels with others, if you are projecting outward, instead of looking inward for the answers….
Then you have been affected by this moon.
Looking at past events (yes, again), goes hand in hand with Mercury Retrograde. Though we may not enjoy it at times… This provides the perfect opportunity to find the root of some lingering things. And….each time we revisit it, we are seeing it from a new (and hopefully higher) perspective.
So, with all this (and more) I know we have all been busy growing and learning. Whether we are aware of it, or not. 😃
Happy Monday!
~  Cat, May 23, 2016
Dreams are off the charts. How about you?
This morning I woke up and had such vivid pictures in mind.
I awoke with the knowing that I/we are set in motion and the course is out of our hands.
I believe there is a good deal of hard work to come. That our choices will seem to be stripped away. Can appear to be bleak or destructive, but…..
In the awareness of the breakdown, I maintained a positive sense about it all. An allowing. And a knowing that, if we continue to be responsible, if only for ourselves and in teaching our children and those around us… that we are being led purposefully and in the right direction.
I know this was for me, but also for US.
Chins up and get your gloves on!
Much love… all around. ❤ ❤ ❤
~  Cat, May 18, 2016


Fairy Rings or Circles are very simple:
A circle of stones, crystals, mushrooms, etc….
Where the intention is laid for a safe place to gather.
Just as a home or habitat, these rings can be as simple or elaborate as you would like to make them.
The success is in the intention and feeling behind it’s creation.
Fairies and Elementals are our Nature Angels. Watching, helping and protecting all of nature’s plants and animals. I know quite a lot of us resonate with them so creating a space for them in our environment will be great fun for us and helpful for them as well.  ❤ Enjoy!  Cat, May 7, 2016

Take time to grieve, even the little things

From 2-19-16 regarding a card pull 

Comfort:  Archangel Azrael, “I am with you in your time of need, helping your heart to heal.”

This echoes something that I keep noticing within myself and in those around me. Accepting something better comes in many stages and levels. And, it always goes back to the self. What I feel I’m worth.

This is a painful and lifelong lesson for most of us in the Indigo/Crystal realms. We come with huge visions and completely from love. When we get here, we get right into all the lessons we have designed for us to evolve, expand and ultimately break out of that shell and BE.

It is courageous and the ultimate in strength to say ‘I no longer accept this’. In other words ‘I am worthy of experiencing happiness/health/love…’. But, we also need to respect the time needed to grieve for the loss. Such a perfect word. No matter how harsh the lesson, it was placed there in the highest of love for us. We chose it. All parties agreed to it. And some grieving takes longer than others. When we are ready, we move on. 

Currently, I see us all (collectively and individually) cracking and breaking out of our shells as if someone were standing over us with a mallet!
But, we are healing quicker as well. Some monumental and lifelong imprints seemingly leaving without notice….

Yet, we may eventually find a moment of sadness, of pain (physical as well), of something that just seemed to creep in, out of the blue….

And, maybe that is simply to pay our respects. Give it the thought and the thanks that it deserves for helping us to learn something so beautiful and powerful. 

It may be that we don’t consciously know why we are feeling this way…but, still valuable to give our mind, body and soul the time it needs to recover, recuperate, revitalize. To acknowledge and welcome in the new us as well.

May you and I each take time and create space for healing.  
May your angels, guides and loved ones wrap you in comfort and peace. 
~ I’m here if you need me. xox

~  Cat, February 19, 2016


I knew I was feeling something coming in. I also feel like we will have a type of build up til the full moon on the 22nd.
Take care to protect your energy, rest, replenish and shield as often as you can.
Big shifts are in the air.  💙 much love!  ~  Cat,  February 16, 2016


I totally feel this for many of us.
As we shift and change, our situations and groups change.
Though endings can be extremely sad at times, the deeper layers of the beauty and gifts that these endings bring are truly inspirational.
And, light the path to the door ahead.  ❤ Much love!  ~  Cat, February 9, 2016

A New Tomorrow

So I know I haven’t spent a whole lot of time writing personal entries in the last few months. I have been extraordinarily busy in beautiful and great ways! All about getting everything in order and stepping into the next phase…And, I suppose I’m a little unsure about this entry… being that I also like to always keep things in a positive perspective. I hope that you can understand, and forgive, if this comes off negative… but, the intention behind it is purely in the name of health and future generations.
Us. Our kids.
Further, I will state and declare, loud and clear, to the universe that CANCER SUCKS and NEEDS TO BE ERADICATED.

(And a perfect time for stating intentions.  1-11-2016, in the energy of the New Moon in Capricorn.  A most auspicious time for manifesting!)
I woke up with this thought in my head and come to find out that David Bowie passed at the hands of this horrible disease.
I think it’s been formulating in my mind, along with so many other things…. Not to say, in any way, that I didn’t have this thought before….my Dad passed from cancer and many I know have been affected by this greatly.
But, the thought was leading to where humanity is now going back towards… Nature. This is a very positive and healing step for all of us.
Coupled with the thought that the ‘powers that be’ and the ‘corporate greed’ that got us here must absolutely change.
Sometimes, even though we are lightworkers, we must address the dark in Warrior fashion.
We shake things up and force change. Sometimes, that is the ONLY way.
Some things that were done cannot be undone. But, I see hope in the masses of people who are taking steps to make changes within themselves and their families.
And, I see this becoming the new way of living. More naturally. More healthfully. Less need for drugs and intervention. No more chemical, toxic overload.
Healthy, nutritious, life sustaining water, air, food… Creating strong and healthy body systems. And a perfect platform for unlocking the latent abilities we all have. Leading to an unlimited and wonderfully supportive tomorrow.

~  Cat, January 11, 2016

*photo credited to the Back To Nature Wellness Center


What I have found.

I am, first and foremost, a creative healer. My source of energy is directed by intuition and is spiritually guided.

As a creative healer my path has been to find the techniques and modes that work to keep me in balance and on the path to the divine.  My curiosity in all things metaphysical has given me a vast knowledge of the various modes of spirituality, as well as the healing power of natural elements.  I enjoy this process greatly and look forward to many more years of learning!  I would be honored to help you find your passion and your balance.

The healings are channeled through me to give each person a specifically designed session that heals and enlightens with the set intention, of the highest vibration, for the highest healing of all involved.

~  Cat, January 9, 2016


Our perspective can be cloudy or clear. We just may need to filter our looking glass at times. Xox

~ Cat, August 9, 2014