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Intuitively Guided Crystal Workshop

Heart Opening and Hands On workshop!
Each recipient will take home some wonderful and fun knowledge and a crystal of their choosing.
We will discuss, explore and tune in directly to these beautiful beings. Learning how to choose, cleanse, charge and discern messages and wisdom for ourselves.
I have created a custom worksheet to assist you in your journey, you can use this technique again and again.
Plenty of crystals on hand to view and touch, and pieces on hand for additional purchase.


$25 per person.

Reservations required for seating arrangements and materials.


A very powerful & creative process of healing and release, assisting us in stepping forward into the new.
I look forward to sharing this experience with you, it is truly one of my favorites!
A Grid of any type is an amplifier.  These healing grids are tools we create personally through connection to our higher selves, relating to our soul’s growth and potentially where we may be stuck.
Helping us to identify and clear that which holds us back or to focus upon that which we are bringing in.  They become charged as they merge with our energy and with the placement of crystals upon our intentions, we will amplify our wishes to the Universe!
We all have things we would like to improve in our lives;  Be it within ourselves, our environment or our daily experiences.
By exploring the workings of energy, manifesting and the setting of intentions, a guided visualization to assist in identifying and clearing we move into the creation of our very own healing grid personal to the individual soul’s growth, though typically we will feel a running thread of connection within the group.
Your process may take time and reflection, so each of us may, or may not, complete our grids within our allotted time frame.  Most importantly we will each come out with our ‘focus’ laid out.  We may then finish at home and decorate as simply or ornately as we feel is right.
A practice grid board and crystal are yours to take home and use again and again.  Materials will be supplied.
$55 per person.
**Additional plank and practice boards and other crystals will be on hand for purchase
Reservations required for seating arrangements and materials.
Make Your Own Mala

The God Box ~  Creating a God Box and discovering their purpose.

Do It Yourself, Natural Alternatives:  Various products for you, your family & your household.

The 12 Steps to Transformation

IET for Kids

IET for Pets

Full Moon Fire Ceremony ~  Relaxed setting around an outdoor fire.  Calling upon the Four Directions to assist us in powerfully releasing our limiting beliefs and blocks.  With each participant a teacher, as well as a student.  An open floor to release your intentions to the element of Fire.

** Feel free to bring your crystals, water, or other items you would like to charge by the moon.

Reiki Shares

IET Shares
Custom creations for you, your healing space or household
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